Introducing the law office Bümlein:


Law office Bümlein was established on January 1, 2002, after a partial take-over of the internationally aligned law office Stancke in Berlin. Attorney Nadezda Bümlein took over the immigration-, familiy-, criminal-, and in particular the section of criminal law related to foreigners. She had already been responsible for these section for many years as a co-worker of attorney Stancke, which she continued from then on with additional lawyers. The field of activity was soon extended to a civil law department.

 Office profile:

The existing international affiliations of the office have been maintained and developed. Best services for our clients are being ensured by our co-operation with our partners such as attorneys abroad, immigrant associations and interpreter offices. The law office Bümlein is presently staffed with English and French speaking attorneys and co-workers. The African clientele is attended by attorney Ibiajulu O. Amuro. The use of modern communication means ensures a national and international clientele support. Law office Bümlein is specialised in legal advice and representation particularly in the following areas:

The law of immigration and political asylum

- Visa for language courses, au-pair and student stays.

- Remonstration subsequent to visa refusals, deportations.

- Entry for the purpose of marriage & family unification.

- Business entrepreneur entry, enterprise establishment in Germany; legal support of African enterprises in Germany.

- Working permits.

- Naturalisation.

 Family law

-  Marriages between Germans and Africans in Germany and in Africa.

-  Matrimonial agreements.

-  Divorce according to German law, with consideration of homeland regulations.

-  The law of minors, declaration of paternity and contestation; Child alimony and custody under German law, as well as in consideration of respective home country regulations.

-   Adoption of African children.

 Criminal law

-    Criminal law in general.

-    Criminal law of foreigners: fake marriages, „illegal residence”, human trafficking, etc.

 Civil law

-   Civil law in general, including tort.

-   Business law.

-   Business enterprises.

-   Labour & employment law.

Our Aims:

We define ourselves as modern, service orientated lawyers. The satisfaction and wishes of our clients are at the centre of our attention.

We focus on our clients’ needs:

  • Comprehensive personal and professional consultations are standard practice.
  • Quick action is our highest directive.
  • Our goal is to solve legal conflicts outside of courts, inexpensively

Our office is available to you:

 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Appointments (including telephone consultation) can be made by calling or mailing:

+49 (0)30 - 88 71 18 - 0 or


Nadejda Bümlein

Anwältin für Ausländerrecht und internationales Privatrecht

Nach meiner Übersiedlung nach Deutschland habe ich zunächst die deutsche Sprache erlernt und anschließend seit dem Jahr 1992 an der Freien Universität Berlin Rechtswissenschaften studiert. Im Rahmen meines Referendariats war ich bei der Ausländerbeauftragten von Berlin tätig und beschäftigte mich bereits vertieft mit dem deutschen Ausländerrecht.

Nicole Rinau

Anwältin für Familien- und Sozialrecht

Im  Dezember 1979 in Eberswalde geboren, habe ich im Mai 1999 mein Abitur absolviert und dann Rechtswissenschaften an der Europa-Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) mit Schwerpunkt Kriminologie, Strafrecht, Jugendstrafrecht, Strafvollzug und internationales Strafrecht studiert.